“First class comic acting” (The Guardian) 

“A Perfomer with depth and range; able to read the audience with the precision of an old hand…a fantastic character comedian” (Chortle) 


“Better than most tv shows of a similar format but it would be a crime to put a screen between the audience and her ferocious presence” (The List) 

“When Susan Harrison takes on a new character she does so with her whole body – she seems to shrink and stretch before our eyes – transforming and transporting herself across social class, gender and species” (The Skinny) 

***** (ThreeWeeks)

****1/2 (British Comedy Guide)

**** (The List)

**** (One4Review)

14 thoughts on “Home

  1. Can I just say how brilliant I thought your show at The Museum Of Comedy was on Saturday night. Have not laughed so much for a very long time (and have seen a lot of Edinburgh previews recently !). Also amazed at your ability to change from the gorgeous lady in the photo on your web site into the character of Jenny Benton Wordsmith. Your co-star was excellent too !! Am sure you will do brilliantly in Edinburgh, and promise to come and see you again soon.
    Brian xx (aka Susie Dent)

    • Thank you so much! That is very lovely to hear and especially as we approach Edinburgh it’s really nice to know that people are enjoying it. You genuinely were a brilliantly fun dictionary corner and your friend was a lot of fun too! #bestcollectivehypepeople
      Susan/Jennie/Joe x

  2. I want to contact you by email. Can you do a short (15 min) taster at the Scottish Arts Club on 06/August (Thu) around 4:00? We are organising “Fringe Preview Day” for the Club Members and the guests. Thanks

  3. I have just watched your 15mins at the Arts Club, you were great and I look forward to seeing your whole show. I hope you have a wonderful Fringe.

  4. Hi, we loved your show today. It was typical ( as in ideal ) of a Fringe show from many years ago in being fresh and unexpected. You will be gaining some Twitter followers! As for Adam the American (today’s Susie Dent) I really was on Countdown – see http://wiki.apterous.org/Adam_Gilinsky. … Which will show you the fan site for Countdown… Good luck and hope to catch you in the future.

  5. Hi, thank you so much for a very very funny evening last night. It was still just as wonderful to see it a second time and thank you for inviting me to be your dictionary corner, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Brian was very envious when I told him. Your skill at getting in to the character is quite amazing. I will see if I can spot you tonight at the Apollo.
    I look forward to seeing you again at another venue,
    Best wishes, Lawrie, aka Steve, aka Susie Dent xxx

    • Hello! Thank you for your lovely message and thanks so much for coming to see the show again. It was great to have you following in Brian’s Susie Dent styled footsteps! All the best & maybe see you at another show in the future, Susan

  6. You are brilliant. @SNL would be a great spot for your sketches and characters. Remembering Gilda Radner as I sat through your show today.

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