Hi y’all

Anne in Folken Britain

Anne (aka Susan Harrison) is getting ready for her appearance in Folken Britain.


This is my new website which I have made just in time for the Edinburgh Fringe. Phew! I am up here already waiting with bated breath to do my new show Folken Britain which is FREE so you should come. Someone asked me what the “elevator pitch” was for my show. Having tried “er…it’s got characters and a different structure and um…y’know it’s hopefully funny and ummmm….a bit sort of folky and stuff” I decided to move to a more straightforward and powerful selling point: it is free. So there you go. Come along, go on a cheap date, have fun and tell me how to pitch it afterwards. Thanks for your advice in advance.

nb: The photo above was taken by the brilliant Gavin Mecaniques. Won’t it be great when I know how to link that/him to the photo? Let’s all look forward to that day.


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