My Three Favourite Free Things At The Fringe *

I’m not going to Edinburgh this year because I’m busy playing with a boisterous elephant in this – but these are three brilliant Edfringe previews I’ve seen in London/Brighton which I would definitely see again up in Edinburgh if I was there. They all happen to be free too. Which is nice.


The Human Loire
If you wish you’d seen Andy Kaufman before he died (or before he pretended to die…depending on what you believe) then you really must see The Human Loire. Part man, part longest river in France and part charming comedy genius, I can absolutely guarantee you won’t have seen anything like this before and never will again. Until next year’s Edinburgh Fringe when Chaucerian clownish mash ups become de rigueur that is.


Short and Curly – Who Dunnit?
Paul F Taylor and Rebecca Shorrocks have been making brilliantly silly sketch comedy for some time now and this is my favourite of their Edinburgh shows to date. Funny chaos and chaotic fun, their sketches are jam packed with excellent characters, glorious wordplay, physical humour and even an appearance from ET himself! What more do you want?


Dave Waller – Where My Folk To?
I loved the preview of this show and haven’t seen anything quite like it before. It was heartfelt, interesting and authentic, if ‘authentic’ isn’t too annoying a word to use. It is isn’t it? Oh well I’ve said it now. Sorry about that. Anyway, whether you’re interested in the journey of Hip Hop or not, you’ll definitely find Dave’s own journey compelling, sweet and funny.

Obviously there are a billion, squillion, gajillion brilliant comedy shows up in Edinburgh but these are three previews I happened to enjoyed very much and I hope you will too. So go forth and stick some folded up money in their buckets.

* If you’re performing in Edinburgh this title can also be used as a tongue twister for vocal warm ups to annoy/intimidate your Edfringe flatmates. Multi purpose or what?!


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